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What’s new in latest TMA update

Mogglin gives Season 1 of The Machines Arena’s beta a whirl.

The roll out of the latest Machines Arena update through Epic Games was fine, but because of a server side error, it was nearly three hours before beta ticket holders could be recognised to log in.

But once I got in, there was plenty of new content to tuck into; new features, rewards, and a new character.

Meet the new character XE

XE (see main image) comes ready to “lock and load as you unleash a barrage of rockets and wreak havoc with grenades.” In this update, you learn about XE’s backstory and experience Death Run in a whole new way.

This jack-of-all trades is a precise marksman, and excels with devastating explosives and close-quarter combat.

Closed beta rewards

Season 1 comes with rewards in the form of character skins. These skins are unlocked by levelling your account by playing the quick match PVP or by completing the Death Run. 

XP is not given out for custom lobbies, where you can choose your teammates and opponents.

By reaching level 25, you can get access to Mercenary Bravo Zulu:

At 50, it’s Urban Commando for the new character XE:

By reaching level 75, you unlock the skin Desert Ranger for Tesla:

By grinding the game and finally getting to level 100, you get Demo Daye:

These skins will become your digital collectibles, which you can trade, sell, or keep to flaunt your exclusivity.

Some skins are also being given as rewards to the game’s early adopters and the first tournament winners.

New region

The latest addition to Pushback maps, Black Site, is in the industrial region of Gold Coast Concord. 

This haunting and abandoned facility is steeped in lore and mystery. 

It’s a smaller map with an easy cross-through. Flanking/attacking from the rear is much easier with this layout, so it creates even faster and more intense showdowns.

The Death Run

In addition to the new character and map, Directive Games have brought out PVE updates, including weapons and abilities XP, and the Meta Map. 

You can earn XP for abilities and weapons by executing stylish combat moves, and you can level up and unlock many more new powers.

The Meta Map adds a strategic element to Death Run, allowing you to choose your path and difficulty, with each choice bringing you closer to lavish XP and coins.

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