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You can now freeze to death in Deadrop 

Dr Disrespect portrait in Mid Journey

The latest build of Dr Disrespect’s vertical extraction shooter Deadrop is out and it’s thrilling, writes Polemos’ Daniel ‘Mogglin’ Allday. It’s also addictive and fun – and among other cool updates Mogglin calls out below, there’s a whole new way to get yourself killed.

A lethal chill

Sector 3 is the main focus of Deadrop’s latest build, known as Snapshot V. The layout of this area is based on the Proving Grounds in the previous update, but it’s been refined, and now occupies a larger portion of the map.

There’s new mechanics in sector 3, more creative ways to be extracted, and a new way to die courtesy of a rising freeze that takes over the map all the way up to the final extraction area.

The cold storage storey.

According to Deadrop lore, the freeze is the result of a containment malfunction in the cold storage area, which is in the lowest section of the map. This lethal polar blast rises quickly, causing a decent amount of damage over a short period of time and outpacing any healing abilities in the game.

This lower area will contain a “treasure trove of loot”, but the big freeze will hit this area first, just two minutes into a match, forcing players to retreat from the cold quickly, and move higher up the map. 

New ways get extracted

Early zipline: The zipline is always found in the same location at the lower level of the map, and this is the best option if you want to get out early with your loot and not have to face more foes than necessary. (Although, other players might have the same idea and fight you on it.)

There is no limit to how many people can use the zipline, but it will be the first means of extraction to be quickly submerged by the rising freeze.

Chopper extraction: In this snapshot, the chopper arrives at the same time the zipline becomes available, but in future versions the chopper will have to be called for in an exposed area. 

This is a one-use extraction, meaning if someone gets there just before you, you will be stranded and have to return towards the centre of the map with very little cover.

Maglock door: These exits are dynamically placed around the map on a per run basis, meaning finding one will be through chance. 

If you find one, you can initiate the opening sequence. It takes 30 seconds for the door to unlock itself, during which time alarms will sound to draw people into your location. You can extract as soon as you enter, but it’s been said that players will need to wait inside for the doors to close to be able to extract and be safe. 

Superlift: After all other extraction options have been cut off by the rising freeze, the superlift is the only option for getting out alive with your gear.

Placed at one of the highest points on the map, it’s a triangle-shaped lift that can be approached from all three sides to carry whoever is still alive and waiting on it to get to safety at the end of the game.

There is no set limit to how many people can use this extraction method at the end of the game, but your player must be able to stand on the lift. During the lifts, ascension players are still able to fight and kill each other.

Loot menu update

The only other way to get out alive is to win the round and take the Deadrop, the loot left behind by dead players. If you’re the last player left standing, you can take what you like. 

The screenshot below is of an updated menu, which shows how surviving players can select the best loot to take from all the fallen players’ deathbags.

SYNS and re-spawning

Another new mechanic in Snapshot V is the SYNS,  a synthetic representation of a player that can enter the map after that player has died. 

SYNS works as a re-spawn mechanic and you can re-enter the game twice – as long as the rising freeze hasn’t reached a high location, which would stop a player’s SYNS from spawning. 

The reason this isn’t just a re-spawn is that a SYNS isn’t a real player.

When playing as a SYNS, the view in-game is as though you are looking through a robot’s camera with a horizontal lines effect, but also with red outlines around objects and structures.

Graphics upgrade

A stage 1 design (left) and a stage 3 design.

The map of Sector 3 is still between the stage 2 “Proxy” and stage 3 “Refinement” of the four stages in the game’s design process. 

There is a clear improvement in how the game looks, compared to the previous snapshot 4, most of which was still in the stage 1 “Blockout” design. 

Sector 3 is starting to come to life, though many features are still not refined.

This snapshot is all about the new map. The hideout with the garage and shooting range shown in snapshot 4 has been removed to make sure players focus on the multiplayer battle.

Polished weapons

Some of the weapons available in-game have reached stage 4 of the design process. Called the “Polished” stage, this is when the team is happy with the final design and the refinement of certain weapons, including the semi pistol, SMG, pump shotgun, DMR, sniper rifle, and assault rifle.

In Snapshot V, there is one final item to equip your weapons with, the weapon mod. This is a chip that effectively rebalances your weapon, by increasing one stat but decreasing another.

Heal up and keep on fighting 

The new look healing station.

The healing station has been upgraded to a “LIFE-LINK” terminal and is one of the most dramatic changes to the game’s graphics.  

A visible VisorCortex

The VisorCortex is now viewable in-game, making the Variants and the “Wrath of the Sector” game devs stand out from anyone else playing. 

When the first one of these players dies, a VisorCortex Chip will drop, marking the death of a founder. It is a collectible item that can be displayed in a player hideout.

New gear 

Listed under your weapons and bag is the new gear available in Snapshot V. 

There’s new head and body armour, each of which has three levels of armour defence: light, medium and heavy.

There’s also smoke grenades and healing bandages which give 20 health per bandage used.

New Deadrop gear.

Deadrop has moved away from the PUBG-style inventory to a weight-based inventory, so players no longer have to increase the slots in their storage and fit items in.

This approach could sometimes cause a break in the flow of a fast-paced game, as a player had to completely rearrange their bag when they had enough space but the slots might not have lined up to fit the long sniper rifle you had just found, for example.

Now each item takes up one slot, but items are assigned a weight value which you cannot exceed. Different-sized bags will have different weight limits. 

Carry weights:

No Bag: 24

Small Backpack: 36

Medium Backpack: 60

Large Backpack: 72

New way to access the game 

The tower key provides a new way to get into the early access snapshots of Deadrop, other than owning a Variant NFT. You can buy a tower key from the Deadrop website for $25.

If you can find a Variant that is sharing their discount code you can get $5 off.  This is not an NFT. It’s an upgrade to your Midnight Society account.

The key also gives players:

Exclusive cosmetics
Season 0 battle pass
Invites to special gameplay events
Limited edition hideout items
Exclusive streaming rights

New look collectables

Examples of the Deadrop collectibles.

The Deadrop collectables have had a graphical overhaul and, in addition to the placeholders that were already in snapshot 4, players can get their hands on VisorCortex chips.

During the Snapshot V live launch show at the Arlington, Texas stadium over the weekend, the Deadrop team let slip that hidden in the cover art of the comic book collectables were clues to game mechanics planned for release in future updates. 

In addition to the comics, there is a strange item called an obelisk, as well as hand grips and customisable paint colors for your car. It’s not known what, if any, in-game utility these features will have. 

*Note that the portrait image heading this article is AI-generated, based on YouTuber Dr Disrepect’s likeness (Polemos/MidJourney)

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Mogglin is one of Polemos' game experts and a member of the core Content team.