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Zynga’s new blockchain game is called Sugartown

Mel, Mayor of Sugartown.

Social gaming giant Zynga says its first blockchain game  is “coming soon” and will be called Sugartown. 

The FarmVille creator, which says it has a monthly player base of around 200 million across all its games, announced its new title in a Monday post on X.  

In Sugartown, farm animals have managed to prize open a wormhole into another dimension, enabling beings called Oras to cross over. The Oras then set about transforming Sugartown into a fun, gamefied world. 

Sugartown is built on Ethereum and to enter the game, players will need to purchase one of 10,000 Ora NFTs to be released sometime this year. 

Players can stake their Ora NFT to gain energy, which is used to play the game and earn Sugar, the title’s in-game currency. 

Zynga’s partner in the game is blockchain infrastructure company Forte, which raised $750 million for its projects in 2021. 

Zynga, which also owns Words with Friends, was sold to Grand Theft Auto publisher Take-Two Interactive for $12.7 billion in 2022. 

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