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Axie Homeland rolls on, Illuvium Zero delayed

Axie Infinity Homeland

Axie Infinity Homeland, the land-tending, resource-producing offshoot of the popular autobattler Axie Infinity, will move into its second season this week.

The second alpha release (somewhat confusingly named Season 1) will introduce token rewards in proportion to final leaderboard placings at the end of the 30-day season.

The game is available on Mac and PC desktops, but can only be played by those holding Axie land plots. The cheapest of these plots is currently being offered on the Axie Infinity marketplace  for over $1600.

According to Axie studio Sky Mavis, there will be two main competitions during Season 1: “Passive Adventure” and “Land Development”. The winner of Passive Adventure will receive 200 AXS (just over $2000 at time of writing), and the winner of Land Development with take 150 AXS (~$1500). AXS is the governance token of the Axie gameworld. 

Sky Mavis announced the competition amounts in mAXS (or one-thousandths of an AXS) leading to some confusion over the value of the competition. There will also be a land decoration contest, although the value of this contest was not announced.

Not so fast

While Axie appears ready to go for Season 1, with a scheduled release early Wednesday UTC, competitor gameworld Illuvium announced the delay of the next season of land-based game Illuvium Zero.

Co-founder Kieran Warwick said the delay was due to the marketplace, which allows players to buy and sell resources in the desktop and mobile city-builder game.

“The reason for this delay is that we want to give you more time to test and provide feedback on the new marketplace feature that will be part of the next update.”

“The marketplace is a critical aspect of balancing the game, and we must get it right for Season One.”

Warwick did not commit to a new deadline for the Season 1 release of Zero.

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