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Cheats using speed hack to climb Big Time leaderboard

Blockchain MMORPG Big Time has warned players not to cheat in their pre-season leaderboard competition, which has hundreds of thousands of dollars up for grabs.

Big Time acknowledged the existence of a speed hack being used by some players to unfairly advance up the leaderboard.

“We have a zero-tolerance policy towards cheats, and any player caught using such exploits can face suspension or a permanent ban,” Big Time Studios said in a tweet.

Cheaters in the game have boosted their speed, health, and damage. Additionally, they exploit attack-animation cancelling to execute instant, powerful attacks repeatedly. 

There are also cheats that remove the fog-of-war effect on maps. This is particularly useful given that Big Tim’s dungeons are designed to challenge players with mazes and obstacles.

The Big Time Pre-season went live on October 11, with players climbing the leaderboard to win the 1,000,000 $BIGTIME token ($228k) first place. There are also millions more tokens to be won for players who place lower.

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“Those caught using cheats will be removed from the leaderboard to ensure a fair, competitive environment.”

In a related tweet, Big Time posted that though the results are now available on the leaderboard page, they still need to undergo a review process.

“Throughout the Leaderboard audit review, which may last at least seven days, any events recorded during this period will not be counted towards the second round of the leaderboard.”

The speed hack issue is described as a minor variation of hacks seen in the past. Players are encouraged to report any cheating through the customer support channel.

In a follow-up statement, Big Time addressed an issue during the Light Hammer event where some users were charged more than the stated price for a speed-up despite the advertised 85% discount.

They assured the community that refunds have been successfully processed for all affected users who experienced this pricing discrepancy.