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Deadrop races to the starting line with car update

Dr Disrespect’s Midnight Society has unveiled the Snapshot VII update for Deadrop, a free-to-play FPS game where players own their in-game items as NFTs and fight to the top of a skyscraper to escape with their loot before time runs out.

The update – revealed last weekend in Las Vegas in front of a crowd of developers, NFT holders and cosplayers – adds high-speed car battles and other gameplay features.

The Las Vegas event had a futuristic nightclub-turned-esports arena ambiance, reflecting Midnight Society’s goal of changing the gaming industry by combining top talent with an engaged gaming community. The integration of high-speed car battles is a response to community feedback, primarily from the owners of the game’s Founder NFTs.

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Community in the driver’s seat

Deadrop has always been community-driven, with early-access players actively shaping its development through feedback. The introduction of the Game Access Pass will expand the player base beyond Founder holders and allow more people to join the community and experience the game. 

The game includes creative modes – Free For All, High-Octane CTF, Team Deathmatch, Arsenal, Infection, and Enforcer.

About Snapshot VII

Midnight Society says the addition of cars to the primarily first-person shooter game was an effort to diversify the gameplay experience and incorporate user-generated content. Here is everything you need to know about Snapshot VII.

Race to the Tower

Race to the Tower is a new driving experience that combines strategic racing and combat, emphasizing tactical driving skills. In Deadrop’s Snapshot VII update, there are four tunnels that players can choose to enter. However, a limited number of players can enter each tunnel, making it a high-stakes race to get to the tunnel entrance.

You can use pistols or the SMG during this racing mode – the one-handed weapons. If you notice your car’s health bar decreasing, use the extinguisher to prevent an explosion and extinguish any fires immediately.

Drivers Key Packages & Game Access Pass

To play the game, you need an existing pass (Tower Key or Founders), or you can now purchase a general Game Access Pass for USD 9.99. Driver Key Packages contain various vehicle wraps, license plates, and loot boxes. The Driver Key Packages cost USD 29.98, except for Dr Disrespect, which costs USD 39.98. 

What’s in the box?

Dr. Disrespect PackageHotshot PackageDeadrop PackageMidnight Package
Crates (Exotic)5x Crates5x Crates5x Crates5x Crates
Vehicle Wrap (Legendary)Blackbird – Car ModelHOTSHOTDEADROPMIDNIGHT

Note: DEADROP Game Access is required

Exotic crates and squad-fill matchmaking

Exotic Crates will provide players with new gear, weapons, and cosmetics. Squad-fill Matchmaking is added, allowing players to fill their squads with other players.

Server selection and new maps

Players can choose between North American and European servers. New maps like Canyon Arena and Runway, also known as the Proving Ground 3 in the testing stage, are included to diversify the gameplay experience.

Car customization and character selection

Before Snapshot VII, players could see their cars on a menu screen and visit the garage on the hideout map, but they could not drive them. Now, players can drive their cars on the main map. Car customization is not entirely new, as it was introduced in previous Snapshots, but now players can use different wraps and licenses. The current vehicle designs are original, but the developers have hinted at the possibility of luxury car brands joining the game through user-generated content.

Two new character designs, Pixel (Female) and Kassius (Male), are also available.

Gameplay adjustments and known issues

The Snapshot VII update for Deadrop includes a variety of balance adjustments to weapons, grenades, lasers, auto shotguns, player movement, and Maglocks. Maglocks are magnetically sealed and secured gates that can be activated for an emergency exit during a Sector shutdown but become permanently locked after extraction. The update addresses several known issues, including audio driving problems and player-camera clipping in certain scenarios.

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