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Gossamer continues to unravel as Bron dumps Feature

Canadian film studio Bron has announced a split with web3 developer Feature over Gossamer World, in another sign the troubled project is more or less dead.

Gossamer World set out to create a Netflix series, NFT collection and blockchain game based on Lois Lowry’s Gossamer novel.

But the project has foundered, with the series delayed and then transformed into a still-unreleased film, the NFT collection dumped and the blockchain game switched out for a half-baked Unreal Engine 5 “game experience”.

Bron fired Dubai-based DIG, who were supposed to handle the NFTs, and now has split with Feature who were handling the web3 and gaming aspects of the project.

Announcing the split on the Discord server, which has been run by Feature, the Gossamer Team account said this:

“Due to circumstances beyond our control, Feature will no longer be working with BRON Studios on the Gossamer project. While we wholeheartedly believe in the collective vision for Gossamer, unfortunately, we have not been able to reach consensus with our partners at BRON on the overall strategy for the community.”

This was followed by another message from the Gossamer account thanking Feature.

“We will provide updates on a regular basis and we will announce an upcoming AMA soon!”

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In a Twitter Spaces session last month, Bron CEO Aaron Gilbert said he was still committed to making a web3 game, and invited game ideas from the community. When explaining how the project had ended up scrapping staking for NFTs, he said Bron was inexperienced in the web3 world.

“It is the first time entering in this space… we were working with other colleagues, we needed to make some changes.”

Before the announced split with between Bron and Feature, the relationship was a high-profile partnership, with Feature CEO Steven Ilous hosting public Gossamer World forums.

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