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Polemos Bridge: Our insights into blockchain gaming on video

Polemos is today launching a regular video series, Polemos Bridge, hosted by game expert Cavan “Caveman” Roe.

The series will get inside the current crop of AAA blockchain games under development, using Caveman’s insights as an experienced gamer. We know that this material is fascinating, and we want to bring it to a wider audience.

What we have discovered, in starting the Polemos news service, is that there is a big discrepancy between the massive financial investment ($4b in 2022) in blockchain gaming and the level of public awareness.

As per our editorial policy, the coverage will be impartial and not influenced by asset holdings or partnerships.

In the first video, embedded below, Caveman goes into why so many gamers have a negative view of NFTs, crypto gaming, and “play-to-earn”. He makes the case for the blockchain and why you should pay attention to him: basically the argument is that if you ignore blockchain tech, you are missing out on the biggest structural change happening in the gaming space.

Caveman becomes almost evangelical at the end, I encourage you to check it out.

“I ask that you follow me as we cross the bridge into the incredible world of web3.”

He’s right: this is an incredible world, and I invite you to join us by liking the video and subscribing to our channel in Youtube. If you’re also a text-orientated person, you can also subscribe to the Polemos newsletter.

Hal Crawford

Hal Crawford is an experienced journalist and newsroom manager, and the head of content at Polemos.