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Polemos giveaway ahead of Illuvium Beyond launch

Polemos has teamed up with Illuvium to give away free NFT packs to coincide with the launch of Iluvium Beyond, an NFT (unique digital asset) collection game being released this week.

The NFT avatars in Illuvium Beyond, known as Illuvitars, depict fantastical creatures within the Illuvium universe.

As such, Illuvium Beyond is more of a collection system with a leaderboard than a traditional computer game.

Illuvitars can only be obtained through the purchase of “D1SKS” (disks) that come in standard and mega varieties. The .005 ETH (approx $8) standard disk contains one random Illuvitar, one low-level Illuvitar and three accessories, while the .025 ETH ($39) mega disk contains one random Illuvitar, one rare Illuvitar and three accessories.

The competitive aspect of Beyond comes in with a leaderboard that ranks the total power rating of every collector’s Illuvitar album.

From Illuvium’s site:

“lluvitars are unique and creative versions of Illuvials that exist beyond the Illuvium Universe. Each Illuvitar is hand-drawn with three different expressions to collect. They also come with a random background and five slots for different accessories, including head, body, skin, props, and eyes.”

Entrants have to follow both Polemos and Illuvium on Twitter, and join the Illuvium Discord. Click here to enter the draw.

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