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Shardbound lives again

A screenshot of Shardbound gameplay

The game getting a web3 makeover from Immutable and game studio Bazooka Tango has released its first trailer. 

Shardbound was a web2 collectible card game last seen about 2017 in early access form. 

Work stalled after the studio building it, Spiritwalk Games, reportedly ran out of money. Nothing beyond that early build was ever released. 

The title was kicked back into life this week when Immutable’s games arm and Bazooka announced plans to rebuild it as a blockchain game. 

Immutable chose to redevelop Shardbound because, as a digital card game, it is well suited to the integration of web3 elements like NFTs, its VP of game partnerships, Jennifer Poulson, told Decrpyt. 

Poulson also said Shardbound had potential because what had been released of the game was beautiful and well made.

The re-imagined Shardbound will be one of the first games on Immutable zkEVM, the new Ethereum scaling network being built by Polygon Labs and Immutable. 

Pre-registration to play Shardbound is open now.

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