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Collectables game coming to Illuvium

Illuvium Beyond is a collection card game.

Aussie blockchain-game company Illuvium will add a collection card game to its ecosystem next month. 

Illuvium already has three games mid-development: Arena, an autobattler; Overworld, a Pokemon-style open world, and Zero, a mobile and desktop resource-focussed city builder. 

In this new game, called Illuvium: Beyond, players will compete to collect customizable NFTs known as illuvitars. 

Illuvitars are avatars of illuvials, the in-game creatures of the Illuvium world.

Players can customize their illuvial avatars, available from March 7, with a range of accessories.

The cost of the exclusive avatars, which will serve as profile pictures and assets in the card game, will be .015 ETH for the basic D1sk and .075 ETH for the Mega D1SK. 

Players will earn points based on the rarity of their collection compared to others.

“Not only will your illuvitar have in-game utility across the Illuvium universe, but you’ll be able to compete with other players on the leaderboard based on the rarity and tier of your illuvitars and accessories,” Illuvium CEO Kieran Warwick said Monday.

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