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Illuvium PVP to launch on Epic on November 28

Illuvium’s season 3 beta/PVP will launch on November 28, the blockchain studio said Wednesday.  

The multi-game beta is also now on the Epic Games Store ready to be wish-listed.

All three games in the Illuvium universe share the same world and blockchain assets. There is a resource producing city-builder Illuvium Zero, an arena autobattler Illuvium Arena and an open-world RPG Overworld.

“By launching three different games in three different genres, we have significantly increased our addressable market. The only issue is it has taken much longer to get to this point,” co-founder Kieren Warwick told CoinTelegraph on Wednesday.

The PVP launch was delayed from Q3 to Q4 in September, and its public beta release was pushed out to Q1 2024. 

At the time, Warwick acknowledged the community’s frustration at the numerous delays since development of the project’s four “interoperable” games began. 

Illuvium is built on Immutable. It is free-to-play and no wallet is needed to access the games. 

“One of the most frustrating things about NFT games is the notion that you need a wallet and a ton of money just to try out the game,” Warwick said. 

“We have removed the need for wallets, and it’s free to play. We think this is the only way to get mainstream adoption.”

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