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Polemos Monthly Report – May

Polemos - May Report

Though the market wavers in an uncertain place, the GameFi space is thriving. Polemos boasts massive growth in May, and we glow in eager anticipation for everything that awaits this summer. Our team has so many exciting things to share from this past month — particular highlights include our abundant partner events and giveaways, scholarship updates, and Forge developments.

Our Report, Revamped

This report marks the maiden voyage of our new format. We at Polemos want to illustrate how everyone on our team, across all departments, is working together toward the same goal. This revitalized template is designed to reflect our team efforts and highlight all the work we have been putting in to do right by our community. In this restructure, it is important to note that we will no longer include treasury information, as we will be publishing separate treasury reports after our public sale.

Without further ado, read on to learn about last month’s strides toward continued success!

Shaking Hands Across the GameFi Metaverse

This month was positively chock-full of amazing partnered events with such a fantastic turnout from our community!

At the beginning of May, we announced our partnership with Apeiron — the first Godgame in the GameFi ecosystem. To celebrate this exciting game, we hosted a giveaway of 3 Dood Apostle NFTs accompanied by trivia, a planet-themed lore article, and many more events!

The following week, we hosted a number of exciting developments with several of our partners — one of the most noteworthy events being Polemos’ first community tournament for the Illuvium Beta. In other tournament news, our feathered friends at Fancy Birds released their new monthly schedule of weekly tournaments for bird owners to have a chance to win thousands of dollars in cash! We also released Polemos’ gameplay guide infographic and tokenomics update for MonkeyLeague. All of this tied into our multi-game trivia, which hosted questions about all of our partner games.

Next up, the most exciting week of all — Polemos week! Not only did we give away one of our famous Illuvium Stabbin Cosplay NFTs, but we also released articles to educate GameFi enthusiasts on the inner workings of Polemos:

Let’s give a massive thank you to all of our committed Polemians for participating in the Polemos Trivia and our Community Content Contest! We are truly honored to know that so many of you appreciate our lore as much as we do!

There was so much excitement around our first community tournament that we hosted another to celebrate our second Galaxy Fight Club week! This was a special time for our community to come together, team up, and train daily for a $1,000 USDC prize! We also had the pleasure of introducing the Myria team and their project in an exclusive interview.

As May came to a close, Polemos promoted a fantastic up-and-coming NFT Game, Tryhards! We celebrated this exciting new collaboration by hosting a giveaway of 200 NFTs in the form of loot boxes that contained 1 Fanatic and 1 Weapon to be used in-game. Along with daily events, the Tryhards team also joined us to present a demo of their prototype in our Discord.

We wrapped up the month with all eyes on the Illuvium Land Sale — a monumental occasion for one of the most anticipated AAA games to be released this year! We can’t wait to share what the future has in store!

We’d also like to note that the Rebel Bots Lands were recently airdropped, so if you are a lucky winner of our Rebel Bots Giveaway, get excited because we will be airdropping your Land very soon!

Like Our Presence in the Metaverse, Our Team is Growing

We are excited to announce new members to the dream team. Please welcome Justin (Video Production Manager), Paola (2D Animator), and Pavithra (Chief Information Security Officer). Our support and technical teams are also rapidly expanding — look out for opportunities on our careers page soon!

Something Big is Bubbling in the Forge…

We have been burning the midnight oil across our University, our player personal dashboard, and our honor system for a planned early-access release in late July/early August. The Forge UI leak has received fantastic responses, and we simply cannot wait to share our entire Forge with you in the coming months. We are especially excited to reveal our revolutionary data analytics tools to help players track their in-game yield and game performance for the optimal blockchain gaming experience. Our hope is to provide a beta version of at least part of the suite as a component of the early access Forge launch.

This past month, we used the experience and information gathered from our Fancy Birds programs to redesign the entire scholarship process. We have bred over 250 Birds since the release of the rental system. We will continue breeding to ensure bird availability to as many Polemians as possible. Our goal is to ensure that everyone in our community has access to game assets with a lowered barrier of entry.

This redesign led to what we’re now referring to as the “Next Generation of Scholarships” for blockchain games. Instead of having a singular program, we’ve separated it into scholars routing through as either Artisans or Apprentices. These programs are designed to help anyone enter the Web3 space. Read more about this in the above article.

The Polemos team has also been working on revenue distribution mechanisms for our staked token holders. We’re confident that we have a solid solution that provides ongoing allocations for stakers and provides frequent distributions whilst not rewarding front running or gaming of the system.

A Look Behind the Scenes

The growing Polemos Universe has astounded even us with its vibrancy and detail. Our Polemos Avatars are high-quality, hand-crafted, 3D characters that will provide unique benefits throughout the Polemos ecosystem. For this very special leak, we present to you Uma, one of the Naru twins and part of the ruling tribe of Snow Shamans.

Polemos Avatar Project Leak: Uma the Naru

Our Rapid Expansion is Made Possible by Our Team and YOU

The undying support of the Polemos community is truly our golden goose. We cannot overstate our level of gratitude to each and every one of you. In this upcoming month, our team looks forward to including Polemians, old and new, in an amazing lineup of hosted partner events, giveaways, University updates, leaks, and so much more!

Together, we are taking over the NFT Metaverse. We are the Pinnacle oGaming — and our peak only grows taller.

Don’t forget to follow our social accounts to stay updated on our latest releases! We’re launching something new that we want everyone to see!