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Polemos – The Pinnacle of Gaming

Polemos | The Pinnacle of Gaming | GameFi Platform

NFT gaming will not only revolutionize how games and their economies are designed but we will also see a huge shift in how players flock together. Professionalism and valuation of gaming guilds will reach a whole new level in the upcoming years and it is this vision that brought us here to celebrate the public launch of Polemos.

Polemos is aiming to become a leading decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) focusing on the accumulation of non fungible tokens (NFTs) in a variety of blockchain-based games. Our initial focus is the Illuvium ecosystem where we plan to bridge the gap between traditional gaming and blockchain gaming. By combining large-scale farming operations with exceptional education / coaching, our overarching goal is to provide the greatest number of quality players in order to dominate the esport scene in any game the DAO stakes its claim in.

In the wake of the DeFi Summer of 2020 and the GameFi Summer of 2021 there is no doubt that the gaming industry is looking at one of the biggest revolutions in its history. With leading companies such as Electronic Arts, Epic Games, Square Enix and Ubisoft all embracing NFT games as part of the future, it seems obvious that blockchain-based games have a lot of potential.

While streaming and esports have increased in popularity over the last few years, we believe that neither esports nor gaming have even come close to the peak of their potential. We are convinced that NFT games and the ownership of items that come along with them will bring about not only a complete shift in the perception of gaming over the next few years but also will catapult esports and general gaming content way beyond the viewership of any traditional sport or other form of digital entertainment.

It is this vision and belief that we intend to leverage to the fullest, allowing us to capitalize on a plethora of early adopter opportunities and position Polemos at the forefront of this movement by utilizing the invaluable experience and skills around us. We’ve gathered an exceptional network of people that not only includes founding members with decades of gaming and financial experience but also a unique partnership with AsianLogic / Dafabet and world-class strategic investors in DeFi Capital, Delphi Digital, Framework Ventures and QCP Soteria. Adding multiple renowned crypto personalities as private investors and several Illuvium Council Members, (Lead) Moderators and more as part of our OG’s to the mix and there can be no doubt that we plan to bring a whole new level of professionalism and ambition to the space.

Betting on Polemos means betting on the success of Play To Earn and esports.

It’s time for you to place your bet…