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M.I.U — The University of the Future

MIU University Polemos

Excerpt of an MIU Recruitment Pamphlet describing the societies of the University — 200 ALN

When the Long Night ended and the Dhari left us to fend for ourselves, many races sought to find knowledge on how to use their abandoned technology and enter their vaults. Where at first it was the Gniwers, blessed with an innate sensitivity to science to rekindle some of the blessings of old, the founders of this University discovered themselves on a different path.

On Khorgram, water has slowly eroded the rock in which the Dhari embedded their local vault, with the resulting cave–in permanently damaging any fail-safes and security measures these vaults are notorious for. It did not take the Rhultak long before they harnessed the power of this knowledge. Some of this knowledge was kept for the Rhultak alone, such as their memory transfer devices, but they also decided to share a wealth of information with all other races.

The Mengbilla Imperial University, or MIU, is by far the most sophisticated on all known worlds because of the access to the Dhari vault, and many fraternities and sororities on the large jungle campus have defined themselves to match topics that can be found in the ancient scrolls and texts.

There are, of course, five that are known throughout the universe.

To the North of the main building, you will find the “Players”. Dedicated to competition, they breathe the soul of the Rhultak by trying to win at everything. If there is an event on campus with a prize, you will find a squad of Players, focused and talking smack at everyone who needs to hear it, but for good reason. The Players have been undefeated since their foundation, which was 1 Khorgram year after MIU itself was founded.

In the South, closest to Mengbilla City, a group of true knowledge can be found. The “Nu-scholars” are not so much a society on campus, but more an existing force. Annually, they provide the scholars and professors with numerous courses and inspiration for courses to be added to the MIU curriculum. Brain over Brawn is their motto, and they are loved and feared.

To the East, where the Path to Enlightenment starts with a huge gate, a society of researchers is found. These “Textdiggers’’ as they call themselves, are constantly looking for more information. Every time one believes they are satisfied, another expedition is launched across the path to deep dive into the vault and progress further and further into the depths of this seemingly infinite source of knowledge. Admirable as it is, they have the highest number of deaths on campus.

To the West, where the lakes meet the jungle and the outdoor fields of the campus are located, the self-proclaimed “Gamemasters” can be found. With close ties to the Players, members often transfer between the two societies; they specialize in very specific sports each year. Though the Players are competitive and fierce in all competitions, the Gamemasters dominate when it comes to games. Razor-sharp focus and physical prowess have made them formidable, and the Rhultak members of these societies often are coveted warriors in their clans.

In the middle of the campus, close to the Teachers Wing, a society of “Builders” was founded that is only accessible to students in their final year at MIU. They are invaluable to the University as a whole as they mentor all new students that come in, offer support with any campus-related issues, and sometimes function as peacekeepers between the many societies and the University.

There are many more societies at MIU, ensuring there is a place for all dreams, ambitions, clans, and races. Speak to our representatives NOW to book a tour and see for yourself.