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4 MonkeyLeague Monkey NFT Giveaway

Polemos NFT Giveaway: Team of 4 MonkeyLeague Monkey NFTs

Over the next two weeks, Polemos will be hosting another giveaway for a complete MonkeyLeague team of 4 Monkey NFTs for free!

From breeding to matchmaking, one lucky winner will have everything necessary to score big in the upcoming 4v4 turn-based, Play-to-Earn soccer game!

The NFT giveaway starts March 28, 2022 @ 20:00 UTC!


Entering our giveaway is simple — be a Polemosian and reap the rewards!

To enter, you must be a member of the Polemos Discord server by the end of our qualification period on April 4, 2022 @ 20:00 UTC. Look for the Polemos Giveaway Bot to appear in our member list on April 4, 2022 @ 20:00 UTC. Then, you have until April 11, 2022 @ 20:00 UTC to message our bot with your SOL wallet address.

Our bot will draw one winner to receive 4 Monkey NFTs on April 11, 2022 @ 21:00 UTC, so be sure to see if you’ve won in the Announcements channel!

Follow our #community-engagement channel for daily events and news throughout our giveaway! Don’t forget to join the MonkeyLeague Discord to participate in the Learn and Earn events every Friday and stay informed on releases! They will be leaking information about the upcoming in-game Store Launch and Breeding season soon!

We’re beyond proud of our growing community and we’re honored to provide opportunities to win free, usable NFTs in Play to Earn games. Thanks for your continued support and for helping us create the best GameFi platform that Web3 has to offer!

About MonkeyLeague

MonkeyLeague is the next-gen esports game on the metaverse that enables players to Play, Compete, and Earn.

MonkeyLeague combines high-production-value, multiplayer gaming with Solana blockchain, NFTs, and decentralized finance to deliver an exciting, turn-based, play-and-earn soccer game that’s easy to learn yet hard to master.

About Polemos

Polemos is a global GameFi platform that is the first decentralized combination of its own marketplace, educational hub, and community-centric gaming guild. Our overarching vision is to improve employment and education worldwide by developing a platform that focuses on Metaverse Adoption, Community Engagement and Esports Dominance.

Polemos’ mission is to become one of the world’s leading Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) and bring tens of millions of global digital Asset Providers and Gamers together inside a unified GameFi ecosystem. By bridging esports and DeFi communities, we will revolutionize gaming and create unique Play To Earn opportunities unlike anything ever seen before!


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And if crypto gaming does continue to build, if VCs continue to back GameFi projects, and if players from all over the world continue to flock to this sector, then gaming guilds could become seriously big business.

The Australian investor Mark Carnegie recently discussed this very thing on Stockhead’s Crypto Frontier podcast, hosted by Kraken’s Jonathon Miller.


We recently caught up via Telegram chat with Mike Merritt, COO and one of the founders of Fancy Games (FNC) – a casual-mobile-gaming-focused P2E studio, which this week launches its flagship title, Fancy Birds

Hi Mike, how’s your “Flappy Bird”-style P2E tapper developing since we last spoke to you guys

Great! All our focus is on the Fancy Birds mint and game launch. It’s all happening imminently.

What has you most excited about the P2E space right now… and where it’s headed?

The potential to disrupt the current mainstream gaming environment. Players are now incentivised to try out the new gaming mechanics of blockchain and NFTs and this could lead to a whole revolution in the gaming industry at large.

Can P2E gaming and NFTs can win over the traditional gaming space and its sceptics this year? 

P2E is already winning over some, but to really turn around the majority of sceptics and gamers will likely take a bit more time. Trust is earned, and gamers have been burned. We have to show them that not everything is a heartless cash grab and that some of the mechanics present in NFTs and P2E are actually beneficial to gamers themselves and that it allows them ownership and control of their gaming environment.

They are so used to just buying a copy of a game that may or may not be supported by its developers over any given timespan and then sold items within that game over and over… it will take some time and education before they realise this is different.

Do you think there’s a concern this space could become contaminated with games that are poorly built but have stronger cash-earning potential? 

I think this is closer to the current state of the ecosystem and that the well-thought-out projects with bigger ideas and goals will displace those as their ponzinomics begin to collapse. As we see gameplay start to evolve with some of the triple-A titles launching it will raise the bar for projects entering the scene.

Is the buzz for the metaverse the enabler for P2E becoming a serious phenomenon? Is that how you’d view it? 

It goes both ways. P2E has fed into the metaverse hype and now the metaverse hype will bring even more awareness to P2E. What’s for sure is that awareness is rapidly growing about both and P2E is definitely on the rise.

Do you have views of P2E being a genuine full-time occupation in some parts of the world? Could Fancy Birds, or Fancy Games ever go that far? 

Considering that playing games for a living has already become a job for some through streaming and influencing, there’s nothing stopping it from becoming a reality in P2E and even in the Fancy-verse. And Facebook, Insta, Twitter, Twitch, etc have certainly provided opportunities for people to earn a living that no one could have seen coming just a couple of decades earlier.

That being said, our focus is still very much on creating engaging content for gamers and players who want to have fun, test their skills, and compete. Anyone who is able to make a career out of it certainly has our respect and we see nothing wrong with those who would focus on that.

What’s the main focus for building a game like Fancy Birds? Its perception as a cash earner? Or gameplay, visuals and lore/expansion? 

Certainly the latter. Just as free-to-play onboarded many players that wouldn’t have spent the money to try the game, P2E can get them in the door. But the games and their quality of content and play will be what keeps them coming back and participating in the overall game economy.

Will beginners in the Fancy Birds game have a shot at climbing into the high-earner ranks? 

Anyone who can master the tapping and timing has a chance to win. And those that try more will certainly increase their skills as well as find opportunities in the right tournaments to find victory. Not to mention that this is just the first of many of our games and game styles to come that will offer players of all types of skill sets the chance to place and win.

What are some of these other games you have coming up?

We can’t reveal specifics just yet, although those details are coming. But I can tell you that we have plans to Fancify every popular style of mobile and mini game out there, as well as creating some completely new ideas made possible only through these new blockchain and NFT mechanics.

Will the “Genesis bird” NFTs you’re minting this week have a role to play in all of your games?

Absolutely. The Fancy Birds will forever have their place in the Fancy-verse even if some of the games are not directly bird related. The currently planned games will directly use the Fancy Birds NFTs but should we find ourselves in need of new assets, those that hold the birds will have an opportunity to use them to mint or otherwise obtain the new assets needed to participate.

The Fancy Birds NFT Genesis mint is taking place from February 10-15. Whitelisted participants get first crack until 8pm UTC, February 14, and then a public sale for a remaining 2,088 birds will take place on February 14, 11pm UTC.

The game itself will then launch on February 16. Full details: here

Article originally posted on Stockhead: