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Polemos Art: Unlocked

Polemos GameFi Badges - University

Polemos is brimming with revolutionary offerings. Today we have the pleasure of sharing exclusive behind-the-scenes treats from our extraordinarily talented artists!

Our Art Director, Timothée, is gracious enough to provide a plethora of his team’s newest creations. Marvel at a peek into the 3D animation process, admire new Polemos coins and badges, and tantalize your curiosity with dazzlingly detailed concept art. We know you’ll delight in all we have to share.

3D Art

Below are the different stages of transforming a character from concept art to 3D.

Concept Art Stage (Timothée)
Sculpting in Zbrush (Ni Siang)
Retopology + High Quality Texturing + Fur (Emmanuel)
Rigging (creating the skeleton in order to be able to animate the model later) (Emmanuel)
Animation Test (Emmanuel)

Coins: These exceptionally intricate coins are all tied to Polemos Lore. Each coin connects to different actions available on the website. For example, the Owl Goddess Sisara, the goddess of academics, is our icon for Polemos University.

Polemos Coin
Polemos Coin - University Course
Polemos Coin -
Polemos Coin
Polemos Coin
Polemos Coin - GameFi Governance Voting

Honor System Badges

These hyper-realistic badges are so textured, they give the illusion that they can be felt through the screen. Each badge coincides with a level in the Polemos Honor System and is tied to a different animal that represents one of the gods in the Polemos Universe. To learn more about the specifics of our honor system, check out our recent Polemos University post.

Concept Art

Our art team continues to raise the bar with their incredibly realistic and cinematographic approach for the following illustrations. Do we have a secret, grand plan for them? Of course, we do.

This merely scratches the surface of all to come from our remarkable artists. To see more of what has already been created and to whet your appetite for what lies ahead, immerse yourself in the Polemos Universe. Your portal to a new world is here.

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