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Polemos Monthly Report – February

As we continue to expand our operations and delve deeper into many areas, we felt that it was necessary to start presenting our progress in a more condensed format. We will of course continue to highlight important news and achievements throughout our various communication channels, but from this point forward, we will also be publishing a monthly Polemos report, breaking down what happened throughout the last month.

Based on external and internal feedback, this report will be improved upon as we use it, so be aware that the format probably will change over time. For now though, let’s take a look at what happened on our end during last month.


February was a busy month for us in general as we continue to set up the foundation for our entire operation and it is only fitting that we expanded our team significantly, bringing onboard nine additional core contributors to support us in everything ranging from internal organization to creative content creation and technology development. We are beyond thrilled to have these skilled people join and help us build Polemos, so let’s all give a warm welcome to Daniel, Emmanuel, Giorgio, Grey, Jeremy, Ni Siang, Timmothée, Richard and Syifa.

As a result of this rapid growth, we’ve also updated our official team page to properly reflect the internal changes and to continue trying to live up to our promise of transparency:

Our current hiring round is not over just yet though since we are still searching for at least a Unity Developer, a Creative Content Manager, and a Head of Platform Operations and Support to join us as soon as possible:


Last month also saw a significant increase in our discord numbers, surging past the 5,000 member mark with the help of many new users joining us for the MonkeyLeague AMA and giveaway campaign. While we certainly welcome the influx of new members through successful marketing events, it is paramount for us to retain as many of those users as possible. With that in mind, February saw the development of several new community engagement plans.

We have recognized the demand for our team AMAs and we will continue to host them regularly as we bring new core contributors onboard. Additionally, we hosted our first FAQ Friday with hopes to answer many commonly asked questions from the community in a more interactive and personal manner. We also wanted to use the opportunity to distribute some fundamental crypto knowledge to those less familiar. Wrapping up the month, we soft-launched the first few community building initiatives with traditional game streaming and server hosting. This is something that will be improved and iterated upon week to week to welcome all types of gamers into our community.


Our marketing and creative teams had a successful month as well. With the addition of five new members, our processes, flows and content are continuing to keep getting better and we are excited to show you all of the fantastic new artwork and designs that our growing team has been working on. We’ve got a ton of new and gripping lore paired with never-before-seen illustrations from our talented concept artist, which is being funneled to our amazing 3D artists to work on. So, expect more stories, more engagement and more worldbuilding coming your way in the near future!

Hosting regular AMAs with partners, team members and industry experts to get the word out about Polemos further supported the growth we’ve seen on Discord and Twitter, and we will continue to increase our efforts in these areas in order to scale our community and bring Polemos to the masses.

The website too has grown to include many new pages for engagement, and with several parts of the ecosystem soon to be released, we have a lot of mind-blowing initiatives in store for everyone to enjoy. Don’t miss the latest version of the whitepaper, too!


Behind the scenes, the Metaverse Expansion team struck up engagement with many promising titles. To start, the MonkeyLeague partnership was announced. Now heading into breeding season, it’s time for everyone to get prepared, especially since that partnership came with a significant number of upcoming scholarship opportunities. Speaking of upcoming scholarships, Fancy Birds launched their initial gameplay offering as well as breeding. Having all but taken over the Fancy Birds discord, a guild recruitment channel was added and Polemos tags were created due the sheer intensity of the devoted members that we have. Thank you all for going above and beyond to spread the word and show how much value our community can provide.

Talks are ongoing with a number of worthy titles, but as much as we’d like to drop names right now, you’ll just have to watch March/April as we hopefully manage to finalize additional collaborations, bringing even more quality and variety to Polemos.


It was a busy month for technology too as we gear up for platform development. Smart contract development for the PLMS token and staking has gone well and is currently undergoing security audit – results to be shared once we have them and have worked through any issues. Taking the security of everything on our end very seriously, our smart contracts go through two separate audits, both executed by high-profile firms in the space.

We have also engaged a delivery partner for the majority of services outlined in the white paper, and we’re expecting to be able to share progress soon with some demo capability following within a few weeks, covering the University, our Staking, Governance portal and NFT lending (through the Polemos Armory). We have wireframes and walkthroughs ready to go and some nice ideas for ensuring that we weave web3.0 into everything we do.

We will soon also have some exciting news to share on enabling our scholar community for AAA games like Illuvium!


As we’ve expected, the beginning of 2022 evolved heavily around scaling the team, setting up processes, and basically building the foundation necessary to ensure the success of Polemos long-term. While we fully understand that these times aren’t the most exciting ones for those lacking access to everything happening internally, we can assure you that things will change in the near future.

Worldbuilding, Partnerships, Technology Development, Community Events, and more – all these areas are about to reach a tipping point throughout the next 1–2 months, allowing us to finally start sharing not only more leaks but also actual results with everyone, and we couldn’t be more excited for these times to arrive.

See you all in the next report in which we’ll also start to include some details about our funds, and what we’ve been using them for so far.